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Designer Should Recognize Limitations of Web

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I read a blog on 37 signal:

Designers should do their own HTML+CSS

When designers are ignorant of the capabilities and limitations of HTML+CSS, they make poor design choices, and the coder suffers.

Here are some things designers should be aware of:

1) Stick to standard font sets (eg. Arial, Verdana and Times New Roman). Some browsers have trouble rendering non-standard fonts. You can use sIFR to get aroudn the problem, but that requires flash. Why make things more complicated than it has to?

2) Font aliasing in html. A font’s smooth sexy curves doesn’t always make its way from photoshop to the html / css world. Instead, some browsers hack it up making it pixelated and blocky. You can make aliasing less abominable with letter spacing, line height, and increased font size. So the lesson is: expect aliasing.

3) Transparent PNGs. IE6 has trouble rendering these. Avoid designing pngs with transparencies with the intention of layering them ontop of html graphics / html text.

4) Web optimization. Read about it.

5) Tiling backgrounds. Remember if you’re going to tile backgrounds, make sure they are tile-able.

Written by John Lai

June 8th, 2008 at 11:45 am