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Start Up Success

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We finally got around to laying out the high level specs for application functionality. It’s weird, but even though my team hasn’t begun hardcore development, I see success already. And that success loses some of its glamour now that I have a plan, and know how much work there is to do. It’s still glamorous, and I’m totally devoted to it, but now I’m much more conscious of not sacrificing too many of the fine and simple things in life that will make me happy. Things like spending time with my family, listening to a cardinal whistle from the leaves, and enjoying what’s left of my youth.

I need to remember, don’t think of this as an investment with rewards to reap 20 years down the road. Think of it as a journey, and cherish each moment, because they’ll never come again. ..I think that came from star trek.

Written by John Lai

July 14th, 2008 at 9:59 pm

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