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Q&A With Freelance Software Developer

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ON the subject of being a freelance software developer and consultant:


1) who else is doing this?

There is a big demand for software consulting and freelance software development. There are people doing this, but there aren’t enough. Plenty of opportunity for me to engage this industry. I have two objectives 1) make money 2) expand client base/establish new relationships. The fact that Ive had to turn down a handful of projects due to schedule conflicts is a clear indication of this demand.


2) is your service better? or cheaper? or both?

Majority of freelance software developers do not follow best practices, and open up security issues in their work. I offer services that adhere to best practices, as used in reputable organizations such as U of T and Torstar Digital (particularly on,, and I have existing re-usable products and solutions that promote fast and cost effective development (eg. my CMs which has been popular) .

3) why would soeone use your services vs. others
Reason outlined in question 2. Additionally, I have resources to assist clients with graphics design, marketting, and post release product support. Unlike most frelance developers who bring solely their own skillset to the table, I can bring together a team to get the job done. Finally, word of mouth will promote my service…part of the reason why i want to do consulting /contract work is to establish more contacts and get my name out there. All my clients have been enthused with my work, and they play a big role in growing my reputation exponentially.


4) can this be outsourced?

IT and software development is a big field, and there are many facets. In general, there are two types of organizations: Big ones, and not so Big ones. Big orgs. can afford to hire large IT teams and admin staffs. Small orgs. can’t afford to keep IT teams and admin staff. I offer my services to small/intermediate sized businesses looking for turn key solutions that the manager or an assistant can manage themselves.

Small orgs need Agile Development and Flexible Management strategies. Processes need to simple, lean, and fast. These methodologies are extremely difficult to execute when a) you’re a big corp. and you need different departments to sign off on proposals, specs, docs etc.. and b) you outsource to parties that are not conveniently geographically located.

By keeping my team small to service a client’s modest business, we can develop with flexibility, speed and simplicity. I can provide face to face conversation (extrmely important in graphics design and brand design), accept last minute requirement changes, and adapt quickly to changing realities. None of this would be cost effective to do for a 5 person company looking to outsource IT development, support and maintenance to India.

Written by John Lai

July 15th, 2008 at 12:26 am

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