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I’m a programmer, why go start up?

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I’m a developer, why the hell do I want to do a start up? I’ll tell you why (in order of significance)

1) Need a bigger challenge: Technology itself is no longer a challenge. I know given reasonable time and resources, i can do anything. It’s time to learn new skills and assimilate them into my repertoire. No better place to learn about the different aspects of IT business than in a small start up, where everyone’s got to wear different hats

2) Your Empire, Your People, Your Culture: Start your dynasty. Find like minded people to work with. Create the most awesome work atmosphere ever! You’ll wake up every day wanting to go to work!

3) Choose your battles: Choose the projects you want to work on. Contact the clients you want to work with. Sell the features you want to build. Set the timelines you want to commit too. Do the things you want to do.

4) The front: You’re right in the thick of things. No one stands between you and the customer. You’ll hear what people have to say about your business right from the source. If a customer is upset, you have to turn their frown upside down. Then you walk away knowing you’ve made a difference.

5) Money: Some people say money is good. And sometimes I believe them.

Written by John Lai

July 22nd, 2008 at 11:50 pm

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