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I’ve been using’s business package (shared linux hosting) as my staging server for the past 4 years without problems. I’ve used it for the following purposes:

  • php 4 and php 5 applications
  • mysql 4.0 and mysql 5.0 databases
  • subversion
  • multiple domains and multiple sub domains
  • setting up ssh keys for other developers (because they only offer 1 ssh account)
  • purchased an SSL for one of my domains (easy to set up)
  • to host a blog that gets 500 pageviews per day

I’m fairly happy with the’s service. I don’t have any big complaints.

Some things which people may find annoying are:

  • automated recurring billing: So don’t expect your account to terminate upon expiration. This is by far the biggest complaint others have about
  • email tech support: sometimes it could take up to 12 hours for a junior technician to respond to your message. If it’s something he can’t handle, it may take another 12 hours for a senior sysadmin to respond. So be prepared for 12 hour delays between emails. I haven’t tried their phone tech support yet.
  • no remote database access: so I borrow my friend’s godaddy webhosting because there’s remote db connection there
  • customers get’s admin control panel as opposed to a popular one like cPanel. But’s control panel is pretty good.

Written by John Lai

April 6th, 2009 at 4:59 pm

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