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TinyBrowser – File Manager for TinyMCE

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I found a good and free file manager plugin for TinyMCE called TinyBrowser.  You can download it here.  Here’s a quick screenshot of what it looks like.


I tried a few others as well,  but they were not to my liking.  The ones I tried were:

- Kae’s File Manager – I didn’t like it because it stores file information to a mysql database.

- TinyMCE Ajax File Manager – I couldn’t integrate this properly.  I read in forums that other developers experienced similar challenges because of bugs in the plugin.

- MCFileManager/MCImageManager – Costs too much money.

Another blogger provided a detailed analysis of other file manager plugins for TinyMce here.

Written by John Lai

June 19th, 2009 at 9:13 pm

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7 Responses to 'TinyBrowser – File Manager for TinyMCE'

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  1. Hi Jon,

    Would TinyBrowser be any good for a multi user website, such as a blogging site where each user registers and want’s to upload there own images?




    30 Jan 10 at 1:32 pm

  2. Yes, but you’ll need to do a little bit of back end coding. TinyBrowser comes with some PHP files where one of the configuration files has you specify file upload path. You will want to make this value a variable based on who the user is.

    John Lai

    2 Feb 10 at 8:47 pm

  3. Hi John,
    I have installed also tinyBrowser plugin for TinyMce, and it’s working great in Firefox, but not in Opera and IE! When I open that page that have editor, it’s like editor hasn’t been loaded at all, I see only the basic textarea box. Any hint?


    8 Feb 10 at 9:39 am

  4. HI Ivana, it’s difficult for me to troubleshoot without seeing exactly what you’re seeing on your computer. NOt many pepole use Opera, so I wouldn’t have experince with that.

    If you’re using IE6, i say abandon it. Too many things could go wrong with that browser. For IE7 and above, check to make sure you have the latest javascript dependencies. For example, if your tiny browser uses other js files like prototype.js or scriptaculous.js, download the latest version for those files.

    NOt sure what else I can suggest unless you provide more details. Thanks

    John Lai

    8 Feb 10 at 2:15 pm

  5. Hi Ivana,

    I think I had a similar issue in IE6. I narrowed it down to using PHP requires and includes. TinyBrowser doesn’t seem to like them. I was getting a grey box with just the header tabs.

    I wrote all my code directly into config_tinybrowser.php and [fingers crossed] all looks well.


    21 Feb 10 at 10:53 am

  6. I recently uploaded the site to I’ve been working on to its host and disappointingly It doesn’t work. It looks to be OK and I get the message saying a folder has been created, but when I look on the host it hasn’t.

    When I upload a file again all looks well, but nothing gets uploaded and I just get that red cross missing image thing. If I manually upload the file and the thumb after manually creating the folders, it appears ok. So it does look like I’m pointing at the right folders.

    I’m pretty sure this is a problem with my hosting service and there’s probably a config file (that I don’t need access to) that needs changing, however any ideas would be very appreciated.


    12 Apr 10 at 12:41 pm

  7. Hey Melvis, not sure what might be going on. Looks like you’re already familiar with the config_tinybrowser.php. Maybe you need to change permissions to 777 for all your image upload directories. LInes you might find relevant are:

    // Default is rtrim($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'],’/') (suitable when using absolute paths, but can be set to ” if using relative paths)
    $tinybrowser['docroot'] = rtrim($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'],’/');

    // Folder permissions for Unix servers only
    $tinybrowser['unixpermissions'] = 0777;

    // File upload paths (set to absolute by default)
    $tinybrowser['path']['image'] = TINYMCE_IMAGE_PATH; // Image files location – also creates a ‘_thumbs’ subdirectory within this path to hold the image thumbnails
    $tinybrowser['path']['media'] = TINYMCE_MEDIA_PATH; // Media files location
    $tinybrowser['path']['file'] = TINYMCE_FILE_PATH; // Other files location

    // File link paths – these are the paths that get passed back to TinyMCE or your application (set to equal the upload path by default)
    $tinybrowser['link']['image'] = TINYMCE_IMAGE_URL; // Image links
    $tinybrowser['link']['media'] = TINYMCE_MEDIA_URL; // Media links
    $tinybrowser['link']['file'] = TINYMCE_FILE_URL; // Other file links

    But you probably know all that already, so not sure what else i can do to help.


    John Lai

    13 Apr 10 at 12:58 pm

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