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Business is not about money

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I’ve been self-employed for a year now.   Last year, I left my 9-5 job with a big company to pursue my own web projects.   Along the way, I learned more about business than any four-year-$40k university program could teach me.   Although I’m still new to business, I’m compelled to share some of my ideas on the subject – ideas that seasoned entrepreneurs may ridicule as naïve.  But hey, here goes…

Business is not about money.  It most definitely is not.

I grew up a Trekkie.  I dreamed of living in a laissez-faire communist society where humanity’s only wish was to better itself through compassion and understanding.  Money was the root of all evil and was abolished in the 21st century shortly after First Contact.  So for much of my life, I resented capitalism.  I wanted to work for free because it would be for the good of man kind.  Naturally, overtime, I realized that my philosophy was naive and misguided because people would always take advantage of free.  I needed a compromise between charity and exploitation, and hence, my new found appreciation for business.  Business, by my definition, is about making people happy without killing myself to do it.


Written by John Lai

October 18th, 2009 at 12:16 pm

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