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Big Commerce vs. Volusion

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I spent the past couple of days evaluating a couple ecommerce SAAS: Big Commerce and Volusion.

Big Commerce Advantages:

1) Better designs to choose from for store front
2) The CMS is slightly more intuitive
3) Can have multiple merchant account gateways for check out (great if you need separate merchant accounts for USD and CDN)

Big Commerce Disadvantages:

1) Poor support – All my phone calls/voice mails are left un-answered.   I get email responses in about 24 hours.
2) No built-in affiliate network solution

Volusion Advantages:

1) Great support – I get immediate answers to my phone calls.  When using their live online chat, it generally takes about 5 minutes to text with an operator.
2) Built-affiliate network solution

Volusion Disadvantages:

1) You can only bind one merchant account at a time.  Chance are, you’ll need to settle in one final currency.
2) CMS isn’t very intuitive to use
3) Designs for stores are a bit dry.

Written by John Lai

November 28th, 2010 at 7:50 pm

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