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I got this error while integrating Post Affiliate Pro with Magento:

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I realized the problem was because I didn’t complete my integration.  So I re-installed magento and then followed these steps to integrate Post Affiliate Pro.

  1. I signed up with a hosting plan with Post Affiliate Pro here:
  2. I downloaded a free Post Affiliate Pro module from here:
  3. I unzipped the Post Affiliate Pro module to the root directory my magento website.
  4. I logged into my magento CMS.
  5. I went to System>Cache Management and pressed Flush Magento Cache.
  6. I went to System>Permissions>Roles and added a new Role called Post Affiliate Pro.  I made sure the Role Resources>Resource Access was set to “All”. I pressed save.
  7. I went to System>Permissions>Users and assigned the Post Affiliate Pro role to myself and every other administrator.
  8. I went to System>Configuration.  On the left hand rail, I went to Sales>Post Affiliate Pro.  I filled out the Username, Password and Domain Name with the relevant values as given in the confirmation email that Post Affiliate Pro gave me when I signed up.  I saved the settings.
  9. I logged out of the CMS and logged back in.
  10. Now I can go to Sales>Affiliate Orders and use the page.

Written by John Lai

December 12th, 2010 at 8:10 pm

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