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Only Web Developers Can Create Web Businesses

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I own my own web development business where we take on contract work from clients. Over the two years I’ve been in business, I’ve been approached by many entrepreneurs who ask for costs for developing a beta/prototype of their web idea. These entrepreneurs, although they use web technology, have no background in web development. They usually have a background in sales, marketing or some kind of management. So everytime I tell these peopel the time and costs to build a prototype, they’re shocked by the numbers, and I never hear back from them. They often have naive expectations of web technologies; that just because there are so many free open source solutions out there each doing a little bit of what they need, it shouldn’t cost them anything to download them and integrate them all seamlessly. And if they do end up hiring someone from India to do this, it’s usually a cobbled mess that doesn’t appeal to any investors.

I’m contemplating to stop responding proof-of-concept RFPs from non-technical entrepreneur’s. In my two years of running my own shop, these entrepreneurs have all wasted my time.

I’m starting to think it’s impossible for a non-technology person to start a successful software as a service web business unless they have lots seed capital. Only good web developers are capable of creating good web businesses with little money.

Do you guys agree? Should I stop wasting time quoting on proof of concept web start ups?

Written by John Lai

January 6th, 2011 at 12:29 am

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