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Launch Phase Revision Policy

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Launch phase is the time leading up to launch. There are three rules to follow during the launch phase.

Rule 1 – No functionality revisions leading up to launch

Downgrade items like “Re-use the preview functionality from detail mode on list mode”.

Although an important feature to have, and relatively easy to implement, do not enhance or revise last minute or you risk breaking everything else. General rule, no functionality revision leading up to a launch.

Rule 2 – Tickets can be more than Open and Close, they can change priority

Downgrade tasks that have been partially addressed.

For example, the original task do not allow dollar signs and commas in the goal amount text field, which is a legitimate concern because it’s some people expect to enter these characters even though our system does not allow it for this field. The ticket was addressed, but a QA person discovers negative amounts weren’t being saved properly. This later realization is different (even though it’s related) from the original issue and is UNLIKELY to happen, and can be dealt with after the launch.

General rule, a task’s priority can change over time – it can start as mandatory, a temporary / partial solution can be implemented, and then it can become nice-to-have. Tick 7257 isn’t a priority anymore. So you don’t close the ticket, you simply downgrade it.

So back to general rule 1, we avoid functionality revisions leading up to launch.

Rule 3 – do-able tickets leading up to launch

Things that should be addressed leading up to launch are:
- bug fixes such as the reporting of incorrect values, and functionality that actually prevent usage
- text revisions like change 1 people donated to 1 person donated
- changing a color here and there

Written by John Lai

November 24th, 2015 at 10:06 am

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