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Entrepreneurial Spirit

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I’ve been a full time freelancer/entrepreneur for four months now. Here are attributes of myself that I have found valuable (in no particular order):

Enjoy Meeting New People
I like to meet new people and learn the way they think. Often, opportunities arise soon after.

Well Rounded Skill Set
Backend development is still my forte. But it helps to have some graphics design abilities and a little sales personality. In the event you’re caught without assistance in either departments, you can still hold down the fort. If you’re in a crunch for cash, it definitely helps to cut cost by doing everything yourself.

Work Is Something You Want To Do
I mostly dream of two things: martial arts and programming. Depending which which dream I wake up from, I immediately go and do that first, even before I brush my teeth. So if I dreamed about fighting, I immediately shadow box for 30 minutes. If I dreamed about programming, I go to my computer and implement the ideas I dreamed of.

Constantly Analyzing/Planning/Strategizing
I’m always thinking of ways to improve something, whether its fighting, programming, product ideas etc…I don’t like staying still. In a fight, you can’t be caught flat footed. You have to keep moving. Keep an eye on your opponents (and allies). Always try to be a couple of steps ahead in the game.

Open Minded
A ninja must always mind his surroundings. I like listening to everything that is said, even if I do not agree with some of it.

If you can’t take the hits, then don’t step into the ring.

Written by John Lai

January 4th, 2009 at 3:12 am